Another typically canadian drink, perfect for the Hollidays…








Well, I like whiskey… Another thing I like: maple syrup! Mix them together, and it yeilds a very special drink called…maple infused whiskey! original huh? It a a delicious drink, that avery maple lovers must try!


Here is the simple and delicious recipe:


Ingredients for a 750ml bottle

  • 500ml canadian whiskey
  • 250ml quality canadian maple syrup




Pour the maple syrup in a clean, sanitized, glass bottle. Pour half the whiskey in a mix well, shaking the bottle. Top the bottle with the rest of the whiskey. That's it! The blend wil get better with age, the taste will mellow, this is why I always make double what I need, so that I am able to let a couple bottles age, but it can be enjoyed as soon as mixed too. 
Enjoy responsibly…but do enjoy!